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What a great idea!

Like many self-employed, the Corona crisis designer Tasja Jauns (38) hit hard. Government aid was quickly used up, and a number of orders were put on hold. Jauns about BILD: “Sometimes I haven't worked for two months. The time was hard. "...

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Curious accessory

Hamburg mother wants to make everyday Corona easier with invention!

This situation should have been known to everyone since this year: The brief shock when you have just left the house and then no mouth and nose protection in your jacket pocket. So far only the way back or buying a new one has helped ...

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Everyone knows the problem by now: hardly leaving the door and forgetting the mask again. The former Soesterin Tasja * Jauns has taken on this problem. The mother of three studied design and project management in Soest, now lives in Hamburg and has now brought the "Maskegg" onto the market with her team

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The same thing every morning: you rush out of the house just to catch the bus or to drop your child off at school on time. But as soon as you step out of the door you notice: Shit, forgot the mask again! Inside again, you stand in front of a whole bunch of respirators that all look the same. And you ...

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Tasja Jauns (38) has been dealing with art, design and functionality for her entire professional life. She now saw an opportunity for a new product in the corona pandemic.

The idea for the Maskegg shown here came about when she was meeting a friend in a Hamburg café and her ...

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Store a face mask: It couldn't be more practical. The so-called Maskegg beats all other storage means in terms of practicality. It can be attached anywhere as a key ring and is always at hand. Its small size also makes it convenient to take with you anywhere ...  

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Maskegg - the fashion mask that hatches from the egg.

The same thing every morning: you rush out of the house just to catch the bus or to drop your child off at school on time. But hardly out of the door ...

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We conducted our first interview with SAT.1 Regional. The video can also be found on Youtube.

Tasja Jauns also came up with an innovative idea: She invented the “Maskegg”, a silicone egg that contains a fashion mask.  

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The Maskegg is new on the market, in which you can store your mask both fresh and used. The little egg is available in different colors, is always ready to hand and can be kept on a key ring or trouser belt as well as on a backpack or stroller. The eggs can be boiled or washed in the washing machine.

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With the Maskegg you not only finally have a solid case for your mask, but you can also take it with you everywhere: The Maskegg comes with a lanyard on which there are two snap hooks. So you can use it as a key ring or attach it anywhere ...  


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