Be colorful! With your Maskegg yellow and the designer mask it contains in the same color, you set trends - and at the same time the shape and color are very practical: You can always find the stylish Maskegg, because it is just noticeable, just like the cool mask. Since the pack contains a lanyard (chrome-plated and nickel-free) and two snap hooks, you can also use the Maskegg as a key ring or e.g. B. attach to your pants or bag, just as you want. So you'll never forget your everyday mask again! And cleaning is also quick and easy: simply throw the Maskegg including the fashion mask into the washing machine or boil it in a water bath. When cleaning, however, make sure that there are no metallic objects in the Maskegg, and read our package insert beforehand.

Yellow "be shiny"

SKU: 663801
  • As this is a hygiene product, it is unfortunately no longer possible to return it after opening the mask in the Maskegg. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at